Assembling a Placo® partition: the main steps

Assembling a Placo® partition: the main steps

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Native to America, Placo® is one of the most used building materials in the housing sector. Placo® is a solution adapted to multiple situations because of its rapidity of installation, its low cost or its lightness. The Placo® partition makes it very easy to create a new interior space. But how do you fit a Placo® partition? Discover now the main stages of the process to follow.

Install Placo® rails

To mount a Placo® partition, it is essential to fix Placo® rails beforehand on the floor, ceiling and walls. To do this, you must pre-cut the rails according to the desired measurements before installing them using screws which must be placed every 60 cm on each rail. It is thanks to the floor and ceiling rails and the vertical uprights that a solid metallic structure can be obtained, which will then be completed with Placo® plates.

Installation of Placo® plates

Before even wanting to install Placo® plates, they must have been prepared. To do this, you must take all the necessary measures to cut them using suitable instruments and tools. Placo® sheets can now be attached to the metal framework. They are first installed on one side of the rails and are fixed with screws and a small disengageable mandrel. The ideal is to fix the Placo® plate by applying 8 screws on each side, or 24 screws per plate in total. The door can then be installed in the space provided for it, again using Placo® screws fixed through the metal structure. Then insulating uprights designed, for example made of mineral wool, are inserted into the rails. Please note that the plates must also be cut to the correct size. Do not forget to place the electrical conduits before installing the Placo® plates on the other side.

Apply a joint

To obtain a perfect Placo® partition, it is essential to go through a step of making the joints. For this, it is necessary to make a first layer before covering it with a sheet of wet seal paper. Once the assembly is dry, a new layer of sealant must be applied and a final layer once it has dried. Finally, we can sand the final result so that the work is clean.

Complete the finishes

Once the previously stated work has been completed, you can stick a suitable strip on the corners to protect them from knocks. Unless you are a fan of Placo® in its raw state, you will certainly want to have a new wall in harmony with the rest of your home. Applying paint to your Placo® partition is an ideal solution. It is advisable to apply an undercoat of paint first and wait until it is dry before applying a second coat and finally enjoying your new living space.


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