What color should you choose for a narrow kitchen?

What color should you choose for a narrow kitchen?

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The configuration of current interiors often leaves plenty of room for the living room, to the detriment of the kitchen and the bathroom. Having a narrow or long kitchen at home, however, is not inevitable ... Follow our advice to choose the colors that will enhance your small kitchen!

Golden ocher + smoky brown

This fall color combination is a sure bet for your small kitchen. The warm shades harmonize perfectly with each other while the off-white brings a touch of freshness to the whole. The basic rule of small spaces is perfectly followed here: dark shades are reserved for low furniture while wall cupboards are chosen in lighter colors, in order to visually reinforce the height under the ceiling. The icing on the cake, golden ocher has been voted color of the year 2016 ... you will be ahead of the trend!

Yellow + turquoise + black

Here is an unusual trio, which nevertheless produces a very contemporary visual effect! The yellow and the turquoise blue are artfully timed by a few touches of black dispatched on the fronts of the cupboards. White lights up the whole kitchen, which stays fresh, modern and easy to live with.

Red + black + gray

The red / black / gray trio remains a classic for the kitchen, especially if the latter has a narrow surface. The red is reserved for the two opposite sides of the room while the background remains immaculate in order to widen the kitchen as much as possible. Black will be very little present so as not to darken the space more. Do not hesitate to "break" the contemporary side of this trio with white elements and blond wood!

Water green + light wood + off-white

The pastels associated with light wood have the advantage of visually enlarging the kitchen, while bringing it a fresh and vegetal touch. Ideal for Scandinavian or natural style interiors, this timeless combination has the advantage of not going out of fashion over the years. To choose if you like soft and soothing atmospheres!