Selection of budget bed linen

Selection of budget bed linen

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This year, you have had lots of good decorative resolutions, one of which is to change the style of your room. Only here, after the holidays and Christmas gifts, the budget is at half mast. Fortunately, the editorial staff offers you to start the year gently with new bed linen at low prices. A clever solution to revamp your room without using your wallet. Here is our clever little shopping at low prices.

Choice of materials: linen, cotton and percale

Very popular for its softness and its chic natural look, linen is THE flagship material for bed linen. Whether washed or crumpled, its aesthetic appeal, despite its generally expensive price. For those who wish to have a little at a reasonable price, the trick is not to rush to the adornment but to a box spring cover for example, like the one at less than 50 euros offered by H&M Home. For the rest, choose cotton and percale, just as decorative and more affordable. Easy to maintain, they lend themselves to all your desires whatever your budget.

Dare the patterns on the bed!

To energize and brighten up your sleeping area, opt for patterned bed linen. The geometric patterns, very trendy, blend perfectly with pastel colored rooms with a Scandinavian spirit. To avoid the total look, play on mismatched colors. Alternate for example the patterns and colors of the pillowcases, taking care to keep a harmony.
1. Becquet pastel geometric pattern sheet € 26.90 at Becquet / 2. Valentin bolster cover 100% cotton € 8.39 at Blancheporte / 3. Figaro cotton duvet cover € 30.59 at Blancheporte / 4. Cache- simple linen box spring € 49.99 at H&M Home / 5. Dalla percale duvet cover € 31.50 at La Redoute / 6. Otel percale pillowcase € 22 at La Redoute / 7. Percale pillowcase Dalla € 19 at La Redoute / 8. Duvet cover € 19.99 at H&M Home.


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