4 tips for storing your household linen

4 tips for storing your household linen

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Ah the household linen! It causes each of us a lot of concern ... Where to put it away and how? How to keep it clean? So many questions with multiple answers. To help you see a little more clearly and allow you to set up a way to store the household linen that suits you, here are some tips.

Tip N ° 1: choose a storage method and stick to it

This is the most obvious advice, and yet an essential step. Before you even think about buying new storage furniture, or new linens, think about how your fireplace works. How many people are responsible for changing sheets and towels there? If a family member takes care of all the laundry, perhaps it would be better to store clean sheets, towels and tea towels in the same place? Conversely, if everyone is in charge of their own laundry, it will certainly be more practical to provide storage space in each bedroom and bathroom.

Tip N ° 2: store each assortment of linen near its place of use

This solution, if it suits you, can prove to be very practical, especially if you do not have the necessary space in your laundry area to store all the linens. So, each time you change sheets, towels or tea towels, you will always have the replacements handy.

Tip # 3: optimize existing spaces

A storage unit can take up a lot of space. Rather than rushing to the Norman wardrobe at the local antique store, think efficiency. At the foot of your bed, opt for a quilted chest rather than a simple bench. In your bathroom, a beautiful column of shelf, not necessarily very wide, will also do the trick. As for the tea towels, devote a small drawer to it.

Tip N ° 4: keep the laundry clean in a closed place

Stored in the open air (on a bathroom shelf for example), your clean laundry will quickly pick up dust and get dirty before you can even use it. It is therefore important to keep it in a dry and clean place. A simple closed wardrobe or sealed boxes stored under a bed will do the trick.