How I saved my wallet: the wedding table decor

How I saved my wallet: the wedding table decor

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Clean, colorful or rustic, your wedding table should look like you while impressing your guests. To personalize it without breaking the bank, nothing like a few accessories which, combined with white or colored dishes, will bring the final touch to your dinner. Here is our selection that will make D-Day an unforgettable day…

Treat the centerpiece

The table decoration at a wedding deserves a setting worthy of the name. Without overloading your tables, you still need to provide a few accessories that will enhance your wedding menu! The centerpiece is undoubtedly the main element of your decoration because all the guests will have their eyes riveted on it during the evening. You can choose a classic setting by installing a large bouquet of flowers placed in the center of each table, or several small flower vases installed in staggered rows. Containers filled with water are also on the rise, whether they are cups on which pretty candles float, or why not a small round aquarium with a goldfish inside, which children can win at them at the end of the evening!

Illuminate tables

The candles are a real cozy asset: they light up the reception room in a romantic and subdued way while bringing a touch of color to the tables. Play on the sizes to vary the pleasures and give relief: be careful however to respect the rule of odd numbers for a more aesthetic rendering. You can illuminate your table with a candlestick placed in the center, or by sprinkling several dozen tealights, previously surrounded by a colored ribbon or a masking tape.

Textile side

Textile is not the element that at first glance jumps out; yet it represents the final touch that sublimates your table setting. If you are more classic, opt for a beautiful tablecloth and matching napkins in damask cotton in light tones. You can enhance it by sprinkling it with flowers or a pretty colored ribbon. If you want to bring a little originality to your decoration, choose table linen in the colors of the wedding or why not with patterns. Small budgets will opt for paper napkins with graphic or fancy patterns, associated with the tablecloths provided by the caterer. Do not forget the place cards to indicate the names of your guests: you can buy them ready to pose or make them yourself using the tutorials offered on our site!
1. Table runner Jardin d'Ulysse € 15.90 Delamaison / 2. Glass candy dish € 15.80 Holly Party / 3. Ball vase € 19.99 Delamaison / 4. Slate name holder € 4.37 per set 12 Axho / 5. White hanging ceramic vase € 31.12 Amazon / 6. Tealight holders (set of 3) € 23.99 La Redoute / 7. Metal candlesticks (set of 6) € 19.95 Party and reception / 8 Linen towels (set of 4) € 29.99


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