Before / After: create a large living room with an open kitchen

Before / After: create a large living room with an open kitchen

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In this old apartment built in the 1800s, the young couple of owners wanted to keep the old charm of the place while having a more modern home and a more functional living space. The idea of ​​the Lyon architect Tiphaine Thomas was to decompartmentalize the spaces to create a large living room with an American kitchen, and to arrive at the right mix between vintage and contemporary style. Area: 56 m² living room in a 120 m² apartment Budget: € 10,000 for the renovation of the living room and € 1,800 for decoration and furnishings

Merge the entrance with the living room

Before: The owners recovered the apartment in its own juice. It was divided into several cramped and dark rooms. The entrance was separated from the living room by a dark and not very functional corridor. After: The partition and the tiling of the corridor were removed to open the space. On the ground, a parquet floor was made in the same vein as that of the living room, in order to enlarge the space. The living room has therefore been enlarged in keeping with the rest of this space for a harmonious result. To avoid cluttering the space, a small table and chairs were repainted in a pearl gray color, halfway between the white of the open kitchen and the black of the living room. This table serves as a visual transition between the entrance and the living room.

A bright open kitchen

Before: The kitchen was located in a room adjoining the living room. Not very functional and quite small, it had to be brought back to the central room, in order to create an office or a guest room instead. After: In this new open kitchen (Mobalpa), a white lacquered shade was chosen to reflect a maximum of light. The worktop is dark and metallic to contrast with the old stone. A central island has been added to serve as a transition between the two spaces and provide maximum storage. It houses the hotplates, the sink but also a bar where you can have breakfast.

Combining the old and the contemporary

Before: The apartment had the advantage of having stone walls and exposed beams, which were unfortunately shuttered and hidden. The high ceiling of the house (4.6 meters) and the presence of old woodwork and large windows gave it a crazy charm, which was absolutely not exploited. After: The ceilings and load-bearing walls have been lowered to reveal the beams and stones, the old windows have been replaced by wooden double glazing for better insulation. Everything has been repainted in matt white to bring light. The woodwork, located in the lower part, in pearl gray. The parquet has been fully sanded, repaired and left in its raw state for a natural touch.

A modern and minimalist decor

Before: The place had no soul per se and the space was not highlighted. The architect's challenge: renovate the decor without distorting it. After: For the living room, the architect favored sober and refined living room furniture and industrial style suspensions.
This contrasts with the stone and the beams to give a resolutely contemporary touch to the room. An old compound pulley, left by the former owners, was diverted to hang plants.
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