4 inexpensive ideas for hanging towels

4 inexpensive ideas for hanging towels

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If you are not lucky enough to have a towel dryer installed in your bathroom, do not panic! There are many tips at low prices that will allow you to have no towel on the floor.

Idea 1: A standing towel rack

If you have space on the floor, you can bet on a standing towel rack that you can place near the bathtub or shower to have the towels handy after the toilet. This type of accessory actually has several rods that allow the towels to dry and arrange them for the next shower.

Idea 2: A valet

For a more decorative option, you can also bet on a jack. If you usually install this accessory in the bedroom to arrange your clothes, it can also be used to offer a towel after leaving the shower. It is a solution to remember for an elegant bathroom.

Idea 3: A wall-mounted towel rack

On the other hand, if you run out of space, you can cunning and opt for a towel holder to install on your door. The accessory is fixed without screws thanks to hooks which allow to install it on the edge of your door to optimize the space. You can then hang your towels even if your walls are occupied by storage furniture.

Idea 4: Coat hooks and towel hooks

Finally, be aware that you can simply opt for classic coat hooks that you will install on the wall and that will allow you to hang as many towels as you want. You can then choose a classic model or bet on a more decorative option with original coat hooks. If you want a special towel hook, you can buy a towel hook in which the fabric is wedged.


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