When words rhyme with decoration

When words rhyme with decoration

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When the decor speaks, words wake up our interiors. Whether to display the name of a room, its mood or mantras, colorful, sweet or poetic words are inviting in all your rooms.

Words to create an atmosphere

Typography has not only invaded the walls of the house with frames, canvases, paintings, stickers and giant letters, but it also displays our mood on everyday decorative items. Cushions, curtains, trunks, bed linen ... everything goes! The creations are multiple and give a beautiful touch of originality to a room. Above all, they create a ambience . Quirky, personalized, arty ... Play on typos, colors, materials!
• To reinforce the industrial style of an interior, bet on metallic letters in the recup 'style, vintage luminous signs like this Motel, which gives an urban look to your living room.
• In a kitchen, make a greedy wink with a recipe posted on the wall or kitchen mats that whet your appetite. Or create a blackboard for your shopping list or family date!

From simple words to sweet words

The current trend is to use simple words to dress a room, as an invitation: to sweetness, to dream, with a nice handwritten phrase above your bed for example; call for tenderness before slipping under the sheets; travel and imagination! The idea: to feel good at home, as with these letters to ask, which announce the color with their warm HOME ... The words therefore bring a little extra soul to your decoration!

Send a message

Decorating your home means expressing yourself. So ask yourself what you have to say! The words are the reflection of your personality. Choose the ones that make sense, that motivate you! Surround yourself with positive sentences : nothing like reading a quote that feels good. So choose the story you want to tell. And rest assured: no need to buy everything! Write words on your furniture yourself and accessories with paint, masking tape, stickers, wooden letters ... Like a mantra on the steps of your staircase. Do it yourself by playing on the contrasts to bring out your favorite phrase. For Erik Orsenna, "Words are the small engines of life." Create your decorative language to boost your daily life! Express yourself, you are at home!

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