3 small storage spaces to save space in the kitchen

3 small storage spaces to save space in the kitchen

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To respond to the lack of space in the kitchen, there is clutter ... Or small kitchen storage. Storage boxes, utensil holder and spice rack: we take stock of the little tips to save space in the kitchen.

Storage boxes

What better object than box to indulge in the subtle and delicate art of arrangement ? More aesthetic and ecological than supermarket packaging, the FUN BOX glass storage boxes allow cereal, flour, sugar or candy to be stored in style. We like the touches of color offered by its fuchsia, green or orange covers. For optimal space saving, perch them on a Wall shelf and give life to your dreams of hanging storage .

A wall-mounted kitchen utensil holder

Still in suspension, the wall-mounted kitchen utensil holder is the ultimate object for hanging ladle, peeler, grater, spatula and other pie server from the COOKINOX range. Whether stainless steel or satin black steel, this wall-mounted storage rack brings a touch of industrial decor to your kitchen. Hang it above your worktop and let it make a point of keeping your kitchen utensils wisely aligned and always at hand.

A spice rack

What could be more decorative than a few notes of turmeric, pepper or oregano to spice up the decoration of your kitchen? The spice holder , à shelf or rotary allows you to stage your condiments while freeing up space in your cupboards. Need a demonstration? Arrange your spices in an ORIGAN 8-pot spice carousel and place it prominently on your work surface… You now have proof: spices have the art of raising the kitchen AND the decoration! And your small kitchen in all of that ? It has everything great!

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