I want to produce my electricity: how to do it?

I want to produce my electricity: how to do it?

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Produce your own electricity, when you already have this energy through a network, have you already thought about it or are you thinking about it? Real choice of life, this decision could well change the budget of your energy expenses ... provided you know where you set foot! Find more articles on the topic: Renewable energy work quotes

The sun: the most easily recoverable energy

There are several sources of renewable energy: wind, water, the sun ... But solar radiation remains at present, for an individual, the energy the easiest to recover, thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels . Indeed, the hydraulic device and the wind device, more complex to implement, can prove to be little (if at all) profitable, unlike the solar device by photovoltaic panels, the most commonly used production system. But to take full advantage of this natural energy, which can prove to be particularly lucrative, certain criteria must be assessed before installation, in order to proceed with an efficient installation, and thus lead to optimized energy production.

A successful installation begins with an insightful assessment

The first thing to do, if you have decided to install photovoltaic panels: assess your needs, but also your possibilities, involving a professional (on this subject, there is a qualifying mention: the label "recognized Grenelle environment"). This will first begin by carrying out a precise evaluation of your electricity consumption, before carrying out the estimation of the area of ​​photovoltaic panels necessary to produce your electricity. This last point notably includes the study of sunshine (which fluctuates according to the region and the orientation of the support intended to receive the installation). Generally installed on the roof, photovoltaic panels can nevertheless be integrated on certain facades. And if the ideal remains a southern orientation, it should nevertheless not overlook the shadows cast by the trees or neighboring buildings, which obscure the sun's rays.

What you should know before any installation

If it is not necessary to file a request for a building permit, it remains however compulsory to proceed with a declaration of works (step to be carried out in town hall), because obtaining the certificate of non-opposition (the NOC ) is essential, regardless of the number of photovoltaic panels installed. In co-ownership, the authorization of the co-owners is also imperative. Finally, in addition to the interest of producing its own electricity, in order to meet its energy needs, the advantage of installing photovoltaic panels also lies in the fact that the surplus production can be sold to a partner, such as Electricité de France. . In this case, don't forget to draw up a contract!