Elderly people: renovate their bathroom to gain autonomy

Elderly people: renovate their bathroom to gain autonomy

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For home support for an elderly person, or the comfort of a person with mobility loss, it is necessary to rethink their accommodation. Some improvement work is required. Contrary to popular belief, fitting out your bathroom or choosing a suitable toilet is not necessarily expensive and complicated. Explanations. Find more articles on the theme: Quote work for a bathroom creation or renovation

Living better at home

The loss of autonomy no longer systematically means placement in a specialized institute. On the condition of redeveloping its interior space! The bathroom is a strategic piece. It allows you to keep your privacy while avoiding falls and other domestic accidents. Nowadays, manufacturers have redoubled their imagination to deal with all cases. Many products exist and facilitate the daily life of less autonomous people: bathtub with door, extra-flat shower tray, adapted toilets… Choose according to your personal case. The objective is really to respond according to your daily needs AND your accommodation. Do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals. It is not the non-autonomous person who must adapt to their accommodation, but the opposite!

How to redesign your bathroom?

Redesigning the bathroom and preferring toilets adapted to their new life considerably improves the daily lives of people with loss of autonomy. First step: change your toilet! Choose adapted toilets: higher seat, hand grips with wall handles… These accessories will allow you to sit and stand up on your own. Second step: the toilet. To allow everyone to wash alone safely, choose a door bathtub or an extra-flat shower tray. The shower tray is more for people in wheelchairs. Some models of walk-in baths have several combined advantages. Much like an all-in-one kit, a walk-in bathtub can include a seat, handles, grab bars…

Objective: avoid falls

Installing suitable toilets can greatly reduce the risk of falling. The accident so feared by many families! Because living at home means being able to remain independent without risking your health. Caregivers of the elderly, suffering from diseases such as osteoarthritis or Parkinson's, know this well: small daily gestures can be formidable. The public authorities also recognize this. This is why financial aid exists. Thus, the National Housing Agency grants financial aid for the autonomy of people. These subsidies are paid, subject to means, in the context of interior design work for the benefit of people with disabilities or loss of autonomy. They apply perfectly to the installation of a bathtub with door for example.