Before / after: a revamped cuisine!

Before / after: a revamped cuisine!

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The project: completely transform a kitchen by giving it a more modern look with a minimum of means. A challenge taken up by interior designer Emilie Sainton. A little paint, new furniture handles, a floor covering, and the room is transformed!

The front kitchen

The gray walls and the color of the furniture enclose the space. The tiling gives an old-fashioned atmosphere to the room.

The project

The idea: keep all the kitchen elements to reduce the budget by giving them a more designer look.


The cupboard doors have therefore been repainted in black lacquered. the handles have also been changed to a more contemporary model. To add clarity and harmonize the room, the walls have been repainted in white. The floor was also changed to a vinyl covering, the color of which recalls the wood of the worktop.

In the end, a piece brought up to date, for a budget of € 730 in total!