In this trendy child's bedroom: 5 ideas to remember

In this trendy child's bedroom: 5 ideas to remember

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So that your child has a room in which he feels good, it is important to choose carefully his furniture and decorative items. Neither should you neglect your living space so that it flourishes day after day. Smart ideas to save space, fun or homemade decorative items, here are 5 ideas to remember (and reproduce!) In this trendy child's bedroom.

Idea n ° 1: Multiply the carpets

To structure your child's play space, you can for example lay several carpets with childlike shapes like stars on the floor. Installed one after the other, they create a fun route, especially when they are chosen in different colors.
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Idea # 2: Use storage baskets

Storage baskets can be very useful in a child's room. If in the largest you can slip his spare bed linen, the smallest can store toys or stuffed animals. Superimposed one on the other, they have the advantage of not encroaching too much on its living space.
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Idea n ° 3: Opt for a 3 in 1 bed

If your child's room is not very large, you have to use tricks so that he still has the space to flourish and play. We choose for it a high bed under which slip shelves and a storage closet for his clothes and a desk that unfolds just when doing homework.
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Idea n ° 4: Install two suspensions

We love Japanese balls, especially when we play the accumulation on the ceiling. In a child's room, we do not hesitate to install two one next to the other above the desk, or each on one side of the room to create two points of light.
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Idea n ° 5: Create an original photo frame

Creating an original photo frame is an opportunity to have a good time working together with your child. For this, buy a frame, remove the glass and fix several wires diagonally. It will only remain to put a few clothespins which will come to hold all his favorite images.
Photo credit: La Redoute