Recipe: the all-chocolate mug cake for Mother's Day

Recipe: the all-chocolate mug cake for Mother's Day

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Let's say you haven't prepared anything for Mother's Day. We will not throw a stone at you, it can happen to everyone. Instead of sinking into despair and letting your mother lament, we offer you a last minute idea or rather the last two minutes. This is about the time it will take you to prepare this "cake in a mug" and offer it to your beloved mom.
Credit: Larousse

Delicious mug cakes set by Elise Delprat-Alvares

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The ingredients for an all chocolate mug cake

25 g of dark chocolate 20 g of milk chocolate 30 g of butter 1 small egg 20 g of powdered sugar 20 g of flour 2 cl or 4 teaspoons of semi-skimmed milk


Step 1 - Break the dark and milk chocolates into pieces in a tall cup and add the butter.
Step 2 - Place the cup in the microwave for 35 seconds.
Step 3 - Mix, then add the egg, sugar, flour and milk. The preparation must be smooth and homogeneous.
Step 4 - Place the cup in the microwave for about 1 minute 20.
Step 5 - Let the Mug cake cool down before tasting it Want to try other mug cakes? On Mother's Day, Larousse and you win 3 copies of the "Delicious Mug Cakes" box. To play, it's here!