Fruits and vegetables take over the decor

Fruits and vegetables take over the decor

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Pineapples, tomatoes, carrots and cherries are no longer just on our plates but are now installed on our decorative items and on household linen. Not at all corny, they bring a touch of playfulness and good humor to any room. tells you a little more about these trendy patterns to adopt.

For an exotic look

As you have probably noticed, the exotic style is very trendy this season in our interiors. If it is exposed with patterns of large flowers and palm trees, passion fruit are also present. The pineapple is also the one that sets the tone for all decorative items this summer. Chair covers, cushions, wallpapers and even duvet covers take on this colorful and fun motif. Little advice to use it at home: even if you are a fan, avoid installing it everywhere at the risk of brushing against the overdose.

Photo credits: Zara Home / Castorama

In a traditional decor

In a country-style house, you will have no trouble betting on fruits and vegetables in your decor. In the kitchen, we do not hesitate to stage tea towels, bowls and pots covered with small gourmet red cherries. You can also dare table runners or wallpapers that have fun with carrots, tomatoes or eggplants in a design version so as not to be too kitsch either!

Photo credits: Home decor / Delamaison