Video: a bouquet for Mother's Day

Video: a bouquet for Mother's Day

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Like every year, Mother's Day is the date not to be missed if you want to make a nice gesture towards your mom. Except that this time, you will offer it much better than the legendary jewel, the box of chocolates or its perfume of always. She will indeed be entitled to a surprise floral composition in the shape of a heart made not by the local florist, but by yourself! Watch, memorize, reproduce…

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Level: way Completion time : 20 minutes Indicative cost: 50/60 € Necessary material : a flower-shaped decorative box + two varieties of roses: ten from one and three from the second + oasis moss

Steps :

- Choose two varieties of roses of different colors such as those of two-color Luxor roses (ten) and smaller white Ecuadorian roses (3) - Place three sheets of cellophane in a heart-shaped decorative box - Place in the box two pieces of pre-cut oasis moss after moistening them: this process allows the flowers to be fed with water without the cardboard structure of the box being damaged - Cut the roses according to the height of the box - Fill the box of red roses following the outline of the heart - Stitch three white roses in the middle of the reds to create a nice contrast - Close the box and tie it with a ribbon - The floral composition is ready to be offered: your mom will have the surprise to discover, after opening the box, a bouquet of roses packaged as a real gift! The decor tip: reassemble the rose petals well before sticking them in the oasis moss to prevent them from crushing. Shopping: Ashley pink dessert plate, ALINEA Ashley pink flat plate, ALINEA Ashley pink square ramekin, ALINEA Ashley pink mini casserole dish, ALINEA Creation and flowers: Watercolor


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