Chicken wire is reinvented in the home

Chicken wire is reinvented in the home

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The chicken wire has more than one trick in its bag and now finds its place in all rooms of the house. It must be recognized that in terms of interior design, recycling has never been so trendy. We love interiors that have a soul, and small details that remind us of our childhood. Nothing like it then to create yourself decorative objects and useful accessories using chicken wire.

Mesh furniture with the most beautiful effect

The chicken wire, easy to handle and cut, sticks perfectly to the DIY trend! If you want to give a new style to your kitchen elements, do not hesitate to replace the old-fashioned stained glass windows with mesh. Retro charm guaranteed! Reserve the mesh for the furniture in which you will store your glasses or your most beautiful table accessories. It can also be suitable for a jam maker, or used for making a radiator cover. If DIY is definitely not your cup of tea, do not hesitate to call on a craftsman who will be able to renovate a piece of antique furniture in a flea market. Furniture and screened objects can just as easily find their place in the living room, bedroom or bathroom. And why not in the entrance with a mesh and wrought iron umbrella stand? The laundry bag is not exempt, provided that it is lined with a pretty ecru cotton fabric, with red and white checks or even anise green for example.

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Decorative objects in chicken wire

Chicken wire can also be used to make baskets, baskets, flowerpot holders, fruit bowls and other small items that are very useful in everyday life, to put in the kitchen or the dining room. It can be painted in the trendiest colors in perfect harmony with the tone of the room. It goes wonderfully with linen and burlap for a rustic spirit, with rope for a marine note or even with raffia for a bohemian style. Chicken wire and lace is a charming marriage that will seduce the most romantic: jewelry box, cosmetic box, candy box, magazine rack or secret box ... Chicken wire allows all daring.

Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

Wire shelves

Multiply storage at lower cost thanks to chicken wire. A few hooks with a multicolored ball, bronze, silver or wood, a frame in iron, stainless steel or any other material and chicken wire are enough to create a shelf with coat rack Installed in the entrance, the bathroom, the office or bedroom, it will elegantly accommodate a coat, bathrobe, scarf and hat. And for optimized storage, everyone can equip their dressing room to their liking thanks to the backyard fence and a few metal bars.

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An original screen

With wooden frames, chicken wire and pretty golden hinges, you can give life to a claustra full of originality to create an intimate corner in a slightly too large room. To revegetate this movable partition and invite nature into the house, all you have to do is attach small waterproof containers to the base of the fence and transplant climbing plants.

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