Tutorial: making a concrete stool

Tutorial: making a concrete stool

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Auguste & Claire is one of those blogs that deserves to be better known! Recover, DIY and diversions, it is full of creative ideas accessible to all, in a spirit of resourcefulness and recycling. Behind these creations are hiding Bénédicte and Matthieu, a young Franco-Belgian couple passionate about design and vintage. Today, we find them for a very simple DIY, a concrete stool with Scandinavian looks.


You will need: - a small bag of cement - a wooden handle 26 mm in diameter and 120 cm long (approximately) - a plastic bucket with a bottom wide enough to form a seat - sandpaper - paint


1. Cut the three feet 40 cm long using a small saw.
2. Mix the cement and the water in the bucket until you get the ideal consistency, close to that of a cake dough. Then tap around the bucket to remove the air bubbles included in the mixture.
3. Place the three feet in the mixture, equidistant from each other. Let the feet rest on the edges of the bucket
4. Wait 24 hours, spread the edges of the bucket to facilitate demolding
5. Sand the feet.
6. Paint the end of the feet with the color of your choice. To make a clear limit, use tape.


And There you go ! A homemade stool perfect for making a small side table or for a child's room!

Thanks to Auguste & Claire for their creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your concrete stools on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!