Are there different types of glue for flooring?

Are there different types of glue for flooring?

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Answer: yes, liquid glues and dry glues.

Yes, there are several types of adhesives for coatings. We especially distinguish liquid glues from dry glues. Liquid adhesives provide a very long service life for the floor covering, but the treated room must remain unoccupied for at least 24 hours. Conversely, dry adhesives are instant, but less effective in the long term. Among the liquid adhesives, there are first of all contact adhesives, which must be applied to both surfaces (the floor and the covering). Very effective, contact adhesives are recommended for frequent places of passage. Then, there are the most widespread, adhesives in aqueous dispersion which can be used for almost all coatings. Finally, there are the reactive adhesives, which are mainly used for wet areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom.