Recipe: horchata de chufa with Kitchen Trotter

Recipe: horchata de chufa with Kitchen Trotter

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Unless you are Spanish or spend all your summers in Valencia, you probably know nothing about the horchata de chufa drink. It was still my case a few days ago, before I received the Kitchen Trotter devoted this month to Spanish cuisine. The opportunity for me to embark on a surprising culinary adventure with the box of the month of May.

The Kitchen Trotter box

If you are used to boxes or boxes, you know that what makes this concept successful is the surprise of discovering the inside of your package every month. Today we find this system available in all areas: especially beauty, but also gastronomy. With Kitchen Trotter, you travel with your palate since each month the culinary specialties of a country are honored. For the month of May, for example, Spain is celebrated. We thus find in the kit sunflower seeds, olive oil, caballitas en escabeche, rice bomba, cuttlefish ink, turron and chufas (those of today's recipe ). To accompany you on this culinary journey, the products are supplied with kitchen sheets so as to develop a complete menu for 4 to 6 people. Among all the proposals, I chose the horchata de chufa because I knew absolutely nothing and that the interest of this kind of box is to make us discover new culinary territories. So I will eat less stupid tonight!

The chufa horchata

Horchata de chufa is a fresh and sweet drink, typical of the Valencia region. It is made from tiger nuts, a plant of which Spain is the world's leading producer. It is by squeezing and mixing these that a vegetable milk is obtained, then mixed with sugar. In terms of taste, some people compare it with almond milk.

The ingredients for a chufa horchata

- 250g of chufas - 1 liter of water - 125 g of sugar

The material for a chufa horchata

A good blender because the chufas are not the most tender. I used a Kenwood Multipro robot here. A Chinese to collect the milk (or a clean cloth and muscles).


Finally the most complicated to prepare a chufa horchata is to find the chufas! It is indeed the first time that I saw these strange nutcracker tubers and according to my research, the Spaniards in France have great difficulty in obtaining these ingredients. Thanks to the Kitchen Trotter box, you can skip this step.
Step 1 - Once you have managed to get chufas, you should soak them in a water bath for two or three days. The bath water is changed regularly and then the chufas are rinsed until the water becomes clear.
Step 2 - After a few days we mix the chufas by placing them in a blender with 25 cl of water. After a few minutes in the robot, filter with a Chinese and then put the chufas in the blender again with 25 cl of water. This operation is repeated two more times until the entire liter of water is used.
Step 3 - Once the chufa milk has been obtained, it is mixed with 125 g of sugar. Before tasting, the drink is placed at least two hours in the refrigerator so that it is well iced. Regarding the tasting, I must admit that the drink was not at all to my taste. It must be said that I am not a fan of vegetable milks, whatever the plant used. However, and I may surprise some, the tasting has gone into the background. Curiosity and the feeling of immersing yourself in a new culture prevailed, so I really enjoyed making this recipe. Obviously the icing on the cake would have been to treat me but I caught up well on the turret. Want to try exotic recipes like me? Play to win a Kitchen Trotter cooking kit by answering the 3 very simple questions asked here! Kitchen Trotter, monthly kit at 25 € per month or 240 € for 12 months