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Zoom on hanging chairs

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They are called Bubble Chair, Brasilia or Globo ball… Hanging chairs are the stars of this summer. A place for a reading break, two places for a weightless hug, these trendy armchairs find their place on the terrace as well as inside the house. In the veranda, in the living room, in the bedroom and why not in the bathroom, they symbolize well-being and relaxation. Available in many materials, they harmonize with all styles.

A little natural corner at home

Magnificent in a natural corner with relaxing colors, the spruce hanging chair is completely irresistible. It looks like a large ball fitted with an ultra-soft cushion covered in Terracotta cotton, ecru or printed. It is a real invitation to idleness. It is even more comfortable when you add a neck pillow which - on some models - can be adjustable in height. The must. You can bask in it while swinging quietly like in a hammock. The hanging chair is a must if you want to create an interior garden. The formula for outdoor use is made up of a waterproof cushion capable of withstanding summer showers. Thanks to the hanging chair, every moment spent at home promises to be Zen.

Photo credits: Maisons du Monde

Retro hanging chair

Sort of a single seat swing, the wrought iron hanging chair fits perfectly into a retro universe. It has a small backrest formed of pretty scrolls on which it is possible to support a cushion. This suspended armchair model is available in a very fashionable color palette, from anise green to purple through taupe, red and many others. In black, white or metallic, it also has its effect in a loft. Nothing prevents moving it to install it on the balcony or in the heart of the garden to enjoy the sun's rays. Its steel wire is generally treated to withstand bad weather.

Hanging armchair to assemble yourself

Some designers have thought of the do-it-yourselfers to whom they offer a modern-day coiler designed in epoxy-treated steel and braided resin. To assemble yourself, this type of hanging chair is comfortable and aesthetic with its large, well-padded cushion where you dream of spending hours. Its plaited synthetic resin arabesques look like lace. But make no mistake, this material is still capable of supporting 100 kilos! It is also perfectly suited to spend the summer outdoors: a favorite for fans of tanning.
Photo credit: Maia Kettal

Transparent and timeless

With its breathtaking design, it fits perfectly into the most contemporary interiors. Like a soap bubble, the transparent Plexiglas armchair surrounded by a ring plays with light and seems lighter than air. Original, almost futuristic and wildly elegant, it comes in two models: to hang from the ceiling or to pose when it has a foot. Its comfortable fabric seat offered in a multitude of tones is perfect for a very cozy parenthesis.
Photo credit: Pier Import