Tuto kids: a cardboard house

Tuto kids: a cardboard house

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Madame who? Madame Ki, alias Laurence, mother of 3 children and passionate about recycling. On her blog, she shares her favorites, her discoveries and her DIY, all in an atmosphere combining cheerfulness and resourcefulness! Today, we find her for a tutorial that will make all children dream, a cardboard children's house. "One day when my daughter was sick - and when I had lots of things to do, like laundry and storage - I saw a big box that took up too much space in my living room. Neither one nor two I gave up my household projects to build a cabin for my little patient! A cutter, a stapler, leftover paints, and here is a super busy day building and decorating the house with four hands! "


You will need: - a fairly long carton - a ruler - a cutter - a pencil - glue - a stapler - paint - a brush - scrap fabric


1. Place the cardboard vertically to visualize the layout of the future cabin.
2. Cut a window at the top of the door on one side of the box with an actu: 739781 cutter. For my part, I made 4 small squares, but you can just as easily make a large window.
3. Cut a second opening in the bottom of the cardboard, which will be one of the "facades" of the hut. Like me, you can make shutters by not completely cutting the cardboard.
4. Fold one of the cardboard scraps in half, making two small flaps to make the roof of the hut. Glue the flaps (or staple them) to the top of the cardboard.
5. If you wish, you can paint the cardboard to hide the inscriptions. With us, we used several colors to decorate it and make the details: shutters, door handle, lock, etc.
6. Cut out your news: 739845 fabric to the appropriate size and staple it above the windows to make small curtains.


And There you go ! An adorable cabin while recovering! You just have to add the details that will make the difference: a bit of news: 739845 fabric to make a carpet of drawings hung on the wall or made directly on cardboard, a key ...

Thanks to Laurence for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your cardboard houses on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!