The Citizen Vegetable Garden: a responsible label

The Citizen Vegetable Garden: a responsible label

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While the Restos du Coeur still distribute 130 million meals each year in France, the Citizen Vegetable Garden calls on professional or amateur gardeners to help the association's volunteers. The principle is simple: plant, harvest and offer the surplus crops to people benefiting from Restos du Coeur's aid. After a year of commitment and action, the results of the Citizen Vegetable Garden are very positive.

Creation of a community of seasoned gardeners

On March 21, 2014, 40,000 professional or amateur gardeners received vegetable plants to start the spring season with a new vegetable patch. This small plot of land, labeled Citizen Vegetable Garden, has enabled the inhabitants of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Picardy, Oise and Val d'Oise to meet around a common passion. Supported by Gamm Vert, the volunteers were also able to benefit from advice, tips and good plans in the various stores throughout the project.

A united approach

The gardeners who have adopted the values ​​of the Citizen Vegetable Garden have engaged in a dynamic of solidarity because the surplus of their harvest has been offered to Restos du Coeur. By mobilizing 40,000 volunteers in 2014, no less than 73 tonnes of fresh products were donated to the beneficiaries of Restos du Coeur. In 2015, the objective remains the same: share quality products while respecting the people who receive them. This year, three harvest times will again be organized in the Gamm Vert stores: June 27, September 26 and October 24, 2015.
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