Toulemonde Bochart, customizable rugs

Toulemonde Bochart, customizable rugs

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Specializing in contemporary and design rugs, Toulemonde Bochart has been the label that has established itself in interior decoration for almost half a century. It offers the particularity of responding to the most original desires, customers being able to personalize their carpet. Toulemonde Bochart owes its fame to its know-how and to the talents which enrich the collections each year. A luxurious brand, however affordable for the greatest number.

History of Toulemonde Bochart

At the beginning of the 1970s, the family business Toulemonde Bochart - then specialized in textiles - turned to the world of interior decoration. His taste for innovation already suggests a flourishing future. Ten years later, the development of the different collections of rugs is entrusted to young designers as well as recognized talents from the world of design. What is equally attractive in this business is an absolutely flawless social and environmental ethic. Even if the production of carpets is carried out in remote regions, it never involves children. And the Toulemonde Bochart company participates in the financing of health programs and education projects.

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Toulemonde Bochart carpet, luxury at a wise price

The luxurious Toulemonde Bochart rugs are offered at a very affordable price, which allows each decoration enthusiast to afford an original carpet of perfect quality. Indispensable accessory in terms of interior decoration, the rug is available in an incredible palette of materials and colors. The loops are just as neat. They can be in leather, PVC, cotton or mohair. Toulemonde Bochart also offers a discreet finish thanks to the invisible piping, or more contrasting cotton in trendy tones. In terms of dimensions, some of the brand's carpets offer more than generous dimensions, ideal for large rooms.
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Personalized rugs

Who has never dreamed of a unique rug that fully reflects their personality? This particularity is possible thanks to Toulemonde Bochart. To offer you a luxurious carpet that looks like you, you just have to surf the site online. You can choose the design, the material such as wool or vegetable silk, the manufacturing technique, the colors of each area of ​​the carpet thanks to a color chart of absolute richness. The result is visible immediately, allowing you to refine your choice. To confirm the order of a personalized Toulemonde Bochart carpet, simply go to one of the many outlets such as Châteauroux, Poitiers, Tours, Blois, Lyon or even Paris and Rosny-sous-Bois.
Photo credit: Toulemonde Bochart Looking for inspiration? Choose your Toulemonde Bochart carpet from one of the brand's magnificent collections: natural coating carpets, designer carpets, children's carpets or new products. Patterned, plain, woven, knotted or tufted by hand, these rugs are soft to the touch and soft. A veritable carpet paradise, the Toulemonde Bochart house has something to delight the most demanding. A highly recognized quality that has enabled the brand to gain the trust of prestigious hotel establishments, Parisian theaters, a research center and even luxury boutiques.
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