When everyday objects become design

When everyday objects become design

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Did you know that by taking your broom, your household brushes, your toilet brush or your duster every day, you become a terribly designer person? These everyday objects are now completely ubiquitous in our interiors to the point of having become invisible. However, from cleaning to art, there is only one step, and when we sublimate them a little, these brushes and brooms become real design objects.

Living heritage objects

In April, the exhibition From Household to Art, paid tribute to the French Federation of Bodywork born 150 years ago. Nearly 400 objects of the unknown living heritage: that of brushes and brushes, could represent a craft sector, rich in know-how and diversified. Because if we use it every day, brooms and brushes are nothing more than ordinary everyday objects in our eyes. These simple tools, however, have potential adaptable to the beauty and luxury sectors. Design takes on its full meaning when our everyday objects are magnified with elegant shapes, trendy colors and quality materials.

Andrée Jardin, traditional brushes

Solid and beautiful wear-free brooms? Here is a concept that gets our attention! Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie, grandchildren of Andrée Jardin (married to a brushmaker from Nantes) decided a few years ago to reissue mythical brushes with frames in French beech. Their first goal is simple: to put back on the front of the stage what we used to call the "articles of Paris", totally devalued with the advent of plastic and the beginnings of globalization. Today, we discover in their shop brushes, brushes, quality dusters, shapes worked and sublimated with beautiful colors. The two young men did not hesitate to call on the creators of Mr and Mrs Clynk to create a very seventies collection totally in tune with the times. So if you are looking for a designer broom, handmade and French made, you are at the right address. //www.andreejardin.fr/