In the office of Constance Guisset, designer in motion

In the office of Constance Guisset, designer in motion

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Constance Guisset's workshop is a place of creation, where light is not only present because of the lights it designs. The space is bathed in a clarity specific to photo studios and she benefits from it. The designer knows how to image her design objects and her universe is rich.

Learn by looking at others

Constance Guisset looks like a wise little girl. But don't trust it. Behind her glasses, the young woman, three fingers from her forties, likes to have fun with life and her professional career is not that of a beginner. A little astonishing this course, started in a carpentry workshop and continued with a registration for the ENSI competition. Received, the new student a little older than her peers, applies to the Bouroulec, stars of contemporary design. She will spend seven years with them. Initially part-time, by continuing his studies, then his diploma obtained (crowned with prize) by investing full time. Although she takes care of the two brothers in the "office" part, she says that she learned her trade by watching them draw. Knowing how to look is, according to her, an essential quality. This does not prevent her, thinking back to that time, to say that she worked hard "I was a few years older than the students of my class, I had time to catch up. in a way I was also more mature to make the right decisions. It counted, not to mention luck and good meetings.
Photo credit: Constance Guisset

Shelves filled with wonders

Rather reserved if you do not know her, Constance Guisset is of a completely joyful nature with her intimate friends. This is confirmed by the people who work with them, in this large workshop that is both a show room and a photo set. The famous Vertigo, a cabin lamp in the spirit of its creator, immediately catches the eye. Movement is the word it inspires. And it is perhaps by seeing her that the choreographer Angelin Preljocaj, wanted to work with Constance Guisset. It was to her that he entrusted the sets for the ballet Les Nuits, for which the designer was able to find harmony between bodies and light. At the end of the large space, an office. It is filled with shelves, themselves filled with books and objects. Such as Darth Vader's helmet . Souvenir of his youth, "Darky" arrived there we do not know how and followed him in all his moves. Promoted mascot, therefore unbeatable, he is at the origin of his latest creation, presented recently in Milan. It is a strange luminous object, come from the planet Guisset. The Cape lamp consists of two moving parts "with which we can have a little fun" says Constance. To prove it, she declined the Cape in jewelry.
Photo credit: Constance Guisset

How is an object signed Constance Guisset born?

It all starts with thinking and drawing, which she already has in mind. "I have intuitions of forms or sensations. Sometimes I have the vision of the finished object or of its general appearance. That does not mean that in the end it will look like what I imagined. "What she doesn't like is working in an emergency. He must "have time to go through with a project", and above all work in a team. Everyone speaks at the agency. It seems essential to set up a process of counter proposals. "This is what allows you to step back." On the shelves again, a series of glass candy boxes , spherical and graceful like bubbles. A wedding gift that she likes to have in front of her, because she collects glass balls. When you listen to it, you understand this enthusiasm for the material and its transparency, undeniable example of visual lightness.
Photo credit: Constance Guisset

The pleasure of drawing and meeting

"Design is a form of generosity" she says. Yes, the definition that Constance Guisset gives of her job characterizes her quite well. There is also pleasure, that of drawing for the other on the one hand and that of meetings. Those who push you to think, at the risk of upsetting you in your convictions. But the most wonderful thing for her remains this feeling of having chosen a profession which consists in looking. Like her, you can actually spend hours marveling at the small bamboo dragonfly which is one of his favorite objects. She comes from China, where she went about ten years ago. The object is surprisingly simple. True snub to technology, it holds on the razor's edge, sways as if by magic. Seen from close up, we understand that everything is a matter of ballast, placed in the right place. Constance Guisset's creations constantly flirt with the air, too. It exudes sweetness, along with a certain radicality. The last of his favorite objects expresses this paradox. It's about a Scandinavian chair from the 50s. The organic curves of the backrest unite without complex with the rigorous, solid seat. Mottled on the Net, it needs a tinkering. Constance wants to take care of it herself. Handyman at heart, she does not forget that her first passion brought her into a carpentry workshop to make furniture. The start of the story.

Photo credits: Constance Guisset