In the office of Nathalie Garçon, traveling stylist

In the office of Nathalie Garçon, traveling stylist

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Not so long ago, Nathalie Garçon celebrated the 20th anniversary of her boutique at Galerie Vivienne. A place of life, which she has always decorated. Large beanbags, antique furniture, mirrors, velvet sofas ... everything is done to discover its fashion as during a meeting between friends. We settle down, we chat, we try, and we sometimes see the designer pass who only leaves her fief to go to China.

Nathalie Garçon, ambassador from Paris to Shanghai

It has been more than a decade since Nathalie Garçon took off to spread her fashion beyond France. It was a contract with China that started it all. An intelligent agreement, with a high-end partner, which allows her to create for the women of this incredible country and which never ceases to fascinate her. Fascinated by her Parisian eye, young trendy Chinese women fell in love with her models. "We don't realize how much France has a card to play there," she said. The designer quickly became aware of this, and travels to China regularly to draw exclusive collections. On site, she also stores sensations, colors for her French label and discovers know-how. The large shopping bag that she is offering this summer in her shop is simply a postcard sent from the Middle Kingdom. If we go beyond the embroidery, the pompoms, the bag could not be more "Nathalie Garçon", that is to say like a second home, "big enough to carry all my bazaar". And this travel addict knows what she's talking about.
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A wall of portraits

But let's return to its fashion, which we can say that it is suitable for ultra feminine women, including when they have curves. "A fashion friendly to women", she likes to specify. Famous for the lines of her more than perfect necklines and her way of nicely emphasizing the hips, Nathalie Garçon has carved out this reputation for herself, thanks to her talent and her taste for the 7th art. Cannes and film buff, she has always loved dressing her actress girlfriends, and fashion victims never forget her fashion shows, where the fine flower of cinema has fun becoming models. From Mathilde Seigner, to Emmanuelle Béart, all have played the game, at least once. Dozens of photos attest to this the wall of his office . Once seated, Nathalie turns her back on them, and the images watch over her. We recognize celebrities, but we also discover there, his children, his loves ... His life in short.
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His favorite book

On a shelf, her Balcons book " once again refers to the cinema, but also to what she likes to highlight, the essence of femininity. According to her, it is a gesture, a look, an intensity and we must claim this seduction in the inexpressible. The idea for the book arrived as a story of friendship, in the plural. There was his photographer friend, Jean François Jonvelle, his actress friends and for the designer a desire to show these women differently. So she organized the photo sessions, bringing a wardrobe designed by her and dressed them. The affair was smoothly carried out and the book is a marvel. Agnès Jaoui reveals an almost fatal beauty, Karine Viard is breathtaking, Natacha Régnier luminous ... Each one surprises, none leaves one indifferent. Often asked to start over, Nathalie has always refused. On the other hand, she is preparing a new book, with other actress friends. A story very different from the first she says "if not what an interest. I would be bored and they too.".
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Fashion, an art of living

There is no shortage of projects, Nathalie Garçon and in her boutique at Galerie Vivienne, there is always an event, a party, an exhibition. From the first floor, to the ground floor, we then find it in full development of its territory. Installing, decorating and enhancing a space are part of its know-how. It is also a facet of its activities, because it is called upon to decorate all kinds of events. "Fashion is an art of living" she says, which means for the designer a universe that is not limited to clothing. This is why she mixes the decor with it. Example, its large tweed poufs. "I had a good footage left after my collection. So I imagined it pouffe , an almost indispensable object in a house. We put it anywhere, and when the material is interesting like this it's a real presence. "To complete his portrait, we must speak of the very whimsical side of Nathalie Garçon and also of her absence of a priori on things or ways of being." When I arrived from Cannes, I was found out of place. I wore very feminine skirts, but I loved motorcycle boots and in addition I added a hat! That said, I still like to dress like this and panama or wide-brimmed hat , I am very headgear! "Today, her outfit has become a basic fashion item. A Boyish look, but not too much!

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