How to find more space in a small kitchen?

How to find more space in a small kitchen?

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Small kitchens, although charming, can sometimes be a real Chinese headache. Especially when it comes to bringing in all of our little things. Crockery, kitchen utensils, pots and pans suddenly seem to take up a lot more space than expected. So how do you find storage space where there is none? Here are some very simple tips that can save you a lot of space.

Use full height of walls

This superb cast iron casserole dish that you had at Christmas last year takes a crazy place, you never use it but want to keep it at all costs? These are typically the kinds of kitchen items that you can afford to store in a less accessible location. To do this, use the entire surface of your walls well and cover them with cupboards and cupboards up to the ceiling. Keep everything you need close at hand every day and store anything you need less often higher. No room for a stepladder either? No problem, choose a foldable one that you can slide in a drawer flush with the floor, under your kitchen furniture.

Add shelves

The principle remains the same: use the available wall surface to the maximum. Shelves are a great option. Often inexpensive, they can be used to store condiments and dry ingredients. Pour your pasta, sugar, flour into pretty transparent jars and place them on your freshly installed shelves for a decorative effect.

Support bars

Very thin, you can hang them everywhere and, once again, save storage space. As in the picture, they can be fixed on a wall and accommodate small plants, utensils and condiments. The support bars can also hang on the credenza and allow you to have your utensils close at hand at all times.

Enlarge the corners

Often, corner furniture does not have an optimized storage space. For more space, choose a piece of furniture like this that expands when you open it to store as much food as possible.