Decorative accessories with variable geometry

Decorative accessories with variable geometry

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Spotlight on the graphic trend! Between geometric patterns, clean lines, pastel colors, optical effect and Scandinavian inspiration, the decor surfs on accessories with variable geometry. Proof by 4 with a basket reminiscent of kinetic art, an ultra graphic rug, a designer coffee table and a geometric decorative cut.

Optical basket

Favorite for the Optical polypropylene baskets. As their name suggests, they offer us a pretty optical illusion thanks to shapes and patterns reminiscent of kinetic art, an ultra design art staging works that seem to be in movement. Available in blue, gray, white and, in a slightly more feminine version, pink, gray, white, Optical welcomes magazines as well as toys for your little ones. And large and small models stack in style, for a guaranteed decorative effect!

Onyx carpet

We love the triangle patterns on the Onyx rug. Right in the graphic trend, it is sublimated by a pink color, subtly degraded, which fits into contemporary interiors as well as vintage decor. Also available in an equally elegant gray color, we adopt it without further ado. And you ?

Uno coffee table

Here is a coffee table that perfectly combines clean lines and pastel colors. With a top in medium density fibreboard, lacquered finish and a tripod base in epoxy lacquered steel, Uno enchants us, whatever color we choose: white, gray, red or lilac. Need a "decorating tip"? Combine small and large models, while varying the colors, to create a stylish decor space that looks just like you.

Ming deco cup

And to sublimate our variable geometry decor, we fall in love with Ming, an openwork decorative cut. All dressed in iron, we let ourselves be seduced by its white color, which finds a place of choice in an entirely white interior like Martin Margiela or in a more colorful decor. It's for you to see.

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