Personalize your interior with the Oko library

Personalize your interior with the Oko library

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Launched in 2013, MyFly is the Fly furniture customization program that allows you to compose your interior according to your tastes and also according to your layout constraints. And for a decor that only looks like you, Fly has imagined Oko, an infinitely customizable library model. Demonstration.

Oko: infinitely customizable

From the sofa to the headboard, from the chair to the desk, through the table and the library, Fly, through its MyFly customization program, offers a rich and varied choice of products to combine, modulate and create a living space that looks like you. And there is something for all tastes and desires. So to give life to the decor of your dreams, choose a library that will really adapt to your interior. With Oko, Fly offers a multitude of possibilities and combinations to imagine to store or separate a room. The principle ? Shelves of 1 to 10 boxes and a very functional "staircase" model with 6 boxes combine and overlap to create the desired structure. Once composed, you can decorate your brand new library with clever drawers or decorative baskets.

Oko: a natural and refined style

Between noble materials and raw and natural colors, the elements that make up Oko blend perfectly with a decor with a natural and refined style. Made of solid oak, oiled finish, the Oko shelves can be combined with pretty woven baskets in aged Kubu fiber, a vegetable fiber that has qualities equivalent to rattan but with a coarser side. Perfect for storing magazines, remote controls and all other everyday objects that often hang around here and there and making room for cleaning, this basket, varnished finish, will fit perfectly into a contemporary living room.

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