Can you change the color of your parquet?

Can you change the color of your parquet?

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Answer: yes, provided you sand and dust your parquet before applying the paint.

Of course, you can stain your parquet, to change your style. But there is an essential preliminary step: you will have to sand and dust your parquet before staining it! This will facilitate the adhesion of the paint, and the rendering will be all the more beautiful. There are three types of paints: specific paints for the floor, acrylic paints and stains. Each type has its own characteristics. Floor paints are very resistant and do not require varnish, but the choice of color is limited. Acrylic paints will reveal more of the grain of the wood, but will need to be varnished. In addition, they are cheaper. As for the stains, they will impregnate more the wood but will leave with difficulty thereafter. Last tip: remember to tape your baseboards to protect them.

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