The Bistro chair by Fermob, 125 years old and not a wrinkle

The Bistro chair by Fermob, 125 years old and not a wrinkle

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The Bistro chair by Fermob is the age of the Eiffel Tower. And just like the latter, we see the Bistro chair everywhere. At the edge of the pétanque court in the south of France, throughout Paris, but also in Times Square or Harvard. Folding, practical and resistant, the Bistro chair by Fermob was quick to seduce lemonade trees - no need to pay the license for a fixed terrace! - and the general public. All metal, it is made of flat iron in slats thin enough to be comfortable.

Fermob, from 1889 to today

It is according to the original model of the Simplex patent filed in 1889 by a certain Edouard Leclerc - also founder of the eponymous brand - that Fermob developed his Bistro chair. Simplex? Simplicity and crosses in X. Since 1889, the garden furniture brand based in Ain, a few kilometers from Lyon, has not stopped changing the Bistro chair over technological advances while remaining faithful to the design original.

Thus, the wooden slats have been replaced by metal slats - simpler to maintain and allowing the chromatic follies that we know at Fermob. Because Fermob, beyond the quality of "made in France", is a palette of 24 subtle colors. The latest babies 2014? Honey and nasturtium colors. The first is a golden yellow with a vintage spirit, the second a successful mix between orange and pink. Since 1889, the Bistro chair has grown up, we now have a Bistro range at Fermob including lounge chair, high stool, tables and high table.