Tuto kids: waxed canvas bags to store the child's room

Tuto kids: waxed canvas bags to store the child's room

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Sokeen is a blog made by four hands by a couple of graphic designers full of talents! Favorites, DIY, and gourmet recipes, their site is a nice melting pot of inspirations. In addition to sharing their ideas, Christophe & Olivia take part in the adventure of Ways Magazine, a new title dedicated to pretty things and home-made. Today, it's for a very simple but super practical tutorial that we find: tote bags in waxed canvas.


You will need: - waxed canvas (or news: 739845 rigid fabric) - a sewing machine - scissors - a ruler for cutting straight


1. Cut a large rectangle out of your canvas. 2. Fold it in half. 3. Sew two of the free sides.


And There you go ! Pretty, super practical bags made in ten minutes!

Thanks to Christophe & Olivia for their creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your bags on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!