In a special origami design: the Japanese crane

In a special origami design: the Japanese crane

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Personally, I find it really incredible to see that one can make so many pretty decorations with simple pieces of paper. From a few shapes, you can very easily create garlands, mobiles, table decorations ... and even jewelry! In addition, these paper decorations are so airy, so fluid that they have an undeniable poetry charm. Today, I therefore offer you a diagram to easily make the traditional Japanese cranes. And in a future DIY, we will use these pretty cranes to make a small mobile while light, perfect for decorating a door or window frame. So first, take your origami papers, and practice folding these cranes!

Between drawings, texts and photos, you should be able to achieve them without problem. Here is more, a legend with color code, very simple, which will guide your folding even if you do not want to read the texts!