What colors should you choose to decorate your entrance hall?

What colors should you choose to decorate your entrance hall?

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You have decided to tackle the walls of your entrance. This is a wise choice because the entrance is a room in its own right that should not be overlooked. But you still hesitate on the choice of color or even colors. Take time to think about it because various elements must be taken into account to avoid certain errors. Indeed, if the entrance is small and not very bright, the choice of colors will be more limited than if the entrance is large and bathed in light. What are the mistakes to avoid when you decide to paint and / or line your entrance?

Mistake # 1: Choosing dark colors for a small entry

When making the decision to change the color or colors of your entry, it is essential to take into account the size of the room. If the entrance is rather small, it is strongly advised not to choose dark colors such as dark brown or even black. Indeed, not only do these colors darken the space but they also tend to create a heavy atmosphere. So, for a small entry, choose light colors like white, cream or gray. Also think of pastel colors which have the advantage of bringing a slightly colorful note to the room while giving a bright appearance to the space. As with giving an impression of openness, it is preferable that the ceiling be painted white.

Mistake # 2: Choosing tone on tone for a large entry

On the other hand if the entry is large, the choices are wider. However, it is better to avoid tone on tone. Indeed, even if the entrance is dark and the tone on tone is in a light shade in order to make the room brighter, it would result in an obvious lack of contrast and therefore a lack of dynamism. In this case, opt for more vibrant colors to make the place friendly. An entrance is a place of passage, so a place where you can afford almost anything, especially if this room is large and bright. If you are lucky, be daring and dare the orange color which will add a touch of vitality and originality to your interior. Or, if you are less reckless, choose a raspberry color rather than putting it on a whole section of wall and associate it with a neutral color like an off-white in order to harmonize the place.

Mistake # 3: Mixing pastel colors with bright colors

Your entrance lacks radiance and you want to give way to your creativity by mixing pastel colors with neon colors. Why not, but be careful because not all associations are possible. Indeed, it is in bad taste for example to marry a neon yellow with a pastel green. If you absolutely want to combine very marked colors with other softer colors, do it elegantly. Purple in particular goes well with a neutral color like taupe or gray. Or if you prefer a more intense color, opt for fuchsia in accordance with a pastel pink.