Tutorial: a jar transformed into a sewing kit

Tutorial: a jar transformed into a sewing kit

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Pretty things for pretty parties, that's the credo of My Sweet Boutique! Decoration, stationery, kitchen, this e-shop is the perfect place to find THE detail that will make your event unique and magical. Behind this beautiful project are two friends, Cathy and Requia, who also share tutorials and inspirations on their blog. Today, we find them for a DIY that the little girls will love, a Mason Jar transformed into a sewing kit.


You will need: - a Mason Jar of your choice: small, medium, large or "wide mouth" for a wide opening on the top (the one in the photo) - a piece of news: 739845 fabric of your choice - a little wadding (or cotton) - DIY glue or news glue: 739845 fabric


1. Cut a circle in the news: 739845 fabric. Please note, the circle must be larger than the inner lid of the jar and the diameter will depend on the height desired for the needle "cushion": if you want a very bulging cushion (so with plenty of cotton wool), make sure it is wide.
2. Separate the two parts of the cover and place this actu round: 739845 fabric inside the edge of the cover. Then fill it with cotton wool and replace the inside of the cover on it to "trap" the cushion.
3. Fold the actu: 739845 protruding fabric and stick it on the inside of the cover.


And There you go ! All you have to do is fill the jar with your sewing kit and display it proudly! Obviously this DIY can be a great homemade gift for an aspiring or experienced seamstress. After all, you always need pretty wires and pretty head pins, right?
Thanks to My Sweet Boutique for their creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your customized Mason Jar on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!