What are the disadvantages of a manual mower?

What are the disadvantages of a manual mower?

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A manual mower for your lawn

As the name suggests, the manual mower is a mower that has no motor: the only energy it uses is yours, since it is the thrust of the driver who, when walking, will move the machine forward, which will cause the rotation of the helical blades of the mower. These blades provide a fairly clean, precise cut and a lawn cut quality.

This probably explains why in recent years, when it was completely relegated to the rank of antiquity and had disappeared from garden sheds, the manual mower has made a comeback on the lawns! It is true that it has several significant advantages: unlike an electric mower, the manual mower does not consume energy, it does not pollute, and it mows in a 100% silent way (your neighbors thank!). In other words, it's a economical mower and ecological, which allows in addition an impeccable mowing of your lawn.

The disadvantages of the manual mower

Although it has some obvious strengths, the manual mower is not made for all gardens ... and all gardeners! Before making your purchase to mow your lawn, keep in mind that making your garden with a manual mower will be:

  • Slow. Which makes perfect sense, given that you're pushing it to move it forward. If you have a fairly sporty rhythm, this is perfect, but if you go slowly, you will need to allow time to refresh your garden. In addition, its narrow blade width does not allow it to cut grass over large areas. For a perfect mowing, you will have to go through your garden several times.
  • Rather tedious, because the use of a manual mower, especially if it is a fairly heavy and moderately manoeuvrable model, can quickly prove tiring. The effort required to handle it is not intense, but as it will be prolonged, it can prove tiring in the long run.
  • Tedious: not easy with a manual mower to cut evenly between obstacles: trees, fountain, groves, etc. Hard-to-reach areas will certainly be a problem!
  • Longer than with a mower equipped with a bag to recover the cut grass. Yes, the grass mowed by the manual mower flies directly onto the lawn. This means that once your garden is mowed, you will have to collect all the cut grass by hand. One more effort to make ...
  • More frequent, because the manual mower only cuts the blade of grass. In no case does it attack the root of the plants, which means that frequent mowing of your lawn will be essential with this type of mower.

Manual mower: is it for you?

In view of its strengths and disadvantages, it seems clear that the manual mower remains a practical mower and effective, but may only be suitable for limited use. It will therefore be perfect for mowing restricted garden areas, which do not have a sustained slope. Indeed, in the presence of a steep slope, if your model of manual mower is not light enough, mowing may be long and particularly tiring for you.

This is why the manual mower can be perfect in addition to another type of mower, for a small refreshment of the garden, time or time or small demarcated areas!