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. OSKAB equipped kitchen: STILO Walnut Blanched model The authenticity of its wooden decor and the horizontal grain of this STILO white walnut kitchen create a warm atmosphere and bring charm and naturalness to your room. The STILO model also exists in smoked walnut decor and natural walnut decor. An easy-going kitchen is a well-designed, ergonomic and practical kitchen. For this, Oskab.com offers a range of kitchen furniture accessories. Here are some examples : - A fitted kitchen corner unit: The content of this kitchen furniture corner unit is fully accessible and optimizes storage space. The double non-slip plate supports up to 15kg (distributed weight) and benefits from a total output with brake system. - A kitchen spice cabinet: This practical piece of furniture will allow you to store your spices, bottles and other kitchen condiments. Thanks to its large storage capacity, you can store all these items at your fingertips. - A multi-function sink cabinet (detergent storage and kitchen bin): Intelligent and ecological, this cabinet under kitchen sink contains a detergent storage, in which you can place your household products. It is also equipped with a kitchen bin with two storage bins to allow you to easily sort your waste. - The handle of kitchen furniture: your element of personalization Your kitchen furniture handle is the key element in personalizing your fitted kitchen. Discover the full range of kitchen handles and our offer of cheap kitchen furniture on the website . OSKAB - For everyone: Kitchen / Bathroom / Storage Discover all the kitchen models and bathroom on our website www.oskab.com or in our LILLE showroom at the following address, 7 rue du Center, ZI La Pilaterie, 59290 WASQUEHAL, France. Design the kitchen of your dreams by downloading our free 3D kitchen software. In a few clicks, enter your dimensions, select the kitchen model and the furniture of your choice to bring your project to life! Our advisers also support you before, during and after your project: - by phone on 03 20 800 700 - by email at [email protected] - site: www.oskab.com

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. The tiles presented for this bonus are the (antique tiles) slightly softened bushhammer finish. 10 formats to avoid repeating fingerprints. Material Natural stone reconstituted by artisanal production Natural stone aggregates from the Burgundy quarries bound by resins The product is molded and dried naturally The imprint given on the surface is carefully chosen on an original stone or produced by a stone cutter. The color chosen for these tiles is selected from a color chart (the color is in the mass). The material has little porosity and good density, which allows it to be classified as a large public passage. Maintenance: As with any so-called porous material, it is advisable to use an Hydro / Oil repellent treatment chosen rigorously by us so as not to have to renew it. (this will be applied once the installation and grouting are completed). A protective surface wax will bring a satin touch to the paving, also facilitating the passage of the mop. Regular cleaning will be done with water and sometimes with a colorless polymeric wax. Black soap is not recommended it feeds the stone but clogs it too quickly. Laying slabs The slabs will be applied to all types of concrete screed, leveling, or (existing tiling in this case a primer will be recommended). The application to the support will be made with a flexible white glue in double glue compatible with large formats. The jointing will be done using a piping bag, a jointing machine or in the conventional way with a trowel and cat's tongue. Clean carefully and regularly using sponges provided for this purpose or use a seal kit. After complete drying apply the HYDRO / OLEOFUGE treatment. S.A MARTIAL GRUX Internet address: www.gruxdallage.com Mail: [email protected] Postal address: 49 route de Beaune 21190 Corpeau Tel: - fax: Reseller list: Ent Gauzelin Régis 8 Rue cardinal Morlot 52200 Langres Tel: Website: www.gauzelin52.com Mail: [email protected]


. Silestone® quartz worktop, Star Galaxy series + backsplash + splashback “The latest design trends with the functionality of a surface that is resistant to scratches, stains and heat.” Silestone®, the benchmark brand in quartz surface, developed by the Spanish group Cosentino®. About the Group Cosentino® : Cosentino is a family group which focuses its activity on the design, manufacture and distribution of highly innovative surface solutions for architecture and design. As a leading group, Cosentino imagines and anticipates with its consumers and partners design solutions that bring value and creativity for everyone's life. This objective is achieved through pioneering brands in their segment, such as Silestone®, Dekton®, Eco by Cosentino®, Sensa by Cosentino®. Offering highly technological surfaces, these provide unique innovative and functional solutions for the home and public spaces. About Silestone® by Cosentino: Silestone® by Cosentino, is the leading brand of natural stone, comprising 90% quartz. This highly technological material offers unparalleled resistance to stains, impact, scratches and a very low level of absorption of liquids. It also has bacteriostatic properties guaranteed by numerous certifications and by the responsibility of the quality service of the Cosentino group. Silestone® exists in more than 60 colors, three types of finishes and different sizes, which makes it a product capable of adapting to many requirements, and this, because of the version "large format" without joints in which the Silestone® slices are available. Thanks to all these characteristics, Silestone® surfaces are extremely suitable in the kitchen, the bathroom or to all spaces with very specific requirements such as hotels, restaurants, laboratories or hospitals, etc. Discover our new products and finishes: - Sink: The INTEGRITY DUE model only sinks made of a single piece of quartz using molds, available in two sizes. The DUE sink is distinguished by its straight lines. A perfect choice if you like straight design and minimalist style. - The SUEDE finish is a matte finish and soft to the touch. This new finish ensures very easy maintenance, even on a matte finish, fingerprints are no longer a problem. SILESTONE Find all the information on our products on our website: //fr.silestone.com/ Installer: partner marble maker MFTB : //www.marbrerie-mftb.com/


. REF KK55151 - PREMIUM UNIC TOP SINK WITH CHROME BI-JET SHOWER Design sink mixer, Height under spout 273 mm, Removable twin-jet hand shower, Life Time cartridge; Anti-scale aerator; Anti-twist hoses, Height 333 mm, Overhang 195 mm, 8 years warranty. CRISTINA ONDYNA www.ondyna-robinetterie.com


. Art Gallery hood A place of culinary expression and creativity, the cuisine reflects your tastes and your personality. It is in this spirit of personalization that Whirlpool created the Art Gallery * hood. Its stainless steel structure is covered with a glass panel screen printed by ink injection, which you can change as you wish. A collection of 6 interchangeable models is available. Coup de Coeur 2012 of the Grand Prix de l'Innovation, the Art Gallery hood will satisfy those who wish to combine efficiency and refinement in their kitchen. Technical characteristics Art Gallery: Reference: AR GA 001 IX Structure: stainless steel Panel: glass Dimensions with panel: L60 x H74 x D28 cm Lighting: 2 halogen lamps Recycling or exhaust mode with optional kit Air flow: 570 m 3 / h * 3 suction speeds: 42 dB (A) - 50 dB (A) - 61 dB (A) ** 1 carbon filter Easy and quick Pro-Fit installation system! 6th Sense Pyrolysis Multifunction Oven - AKZM 6520 / IX Fusion Line A large cavity oven with soft closing and a touchscreen interface, with 6th sense and pulsed heat to start your cooking without preheating, cook on 3 levels and successfully complete all your cooking. Type of Electric Power Type of bleachers Grates Adjustment of cooking time Electronic Type of controls Electronic Options for setting the cooking time On-Off Energy type Electricity Motor Rotisserie Joint gas-electric table 75cm AKT 759 / IX This wide-width mixed table, as functional as it is elegant, offers multiple cooking possibilities thanks to its ultra-powerful 4-ring burner and its extendable glass-ceramic zone. Controls Front of table Type of controls Mechanical Number of electric fireplaces 1 Number of burners 3 Number of radiant fireplaces 1 On / Off button Yes Power-on indicator Yes Residual heat indicator Independent Type of safety device for Thermocouple gas WHIRLPOOL //www.whirlpool.fr/
Krio CKCN 61821X Refrigerator With its sober and refined lines, the Krio CKCN 6182IX refrigerator easily blends into all types of kitchens. Its depth of 60 cm is ideal for perfect alignment with the worktop. In addition to putting an end to the chore of defrosting, Candy's No Frost Plus system is made up of intelligent multi-sensors that constantly monitor temperature stability. The return to the initial temperature is faster. The No Frost Plus system also helps prevent odor mixing. A simple and intuitive electronic programmer, with controls and digital display on the front, allows you to constantly monitor the temperatures of the fridge and freezer. Finally, the new Power Led lighting provides perfect visibility of the interior of the refrigerator, while reducing energy consumption. CANDY //www.candy.tm.fr/ Telephone: 01 49 15 92 00 13 rue Auger, 93500 Pantin New Pastry Robot & Multifunction: No need to choose! Pastry tank Stainless steel tank dedicated to pastry (4.9L) and bakery. Working capacities - 1.3 kg of brioche dough - 1.6 kg of bread dough - 1.8 kg of short dough - 12 egg whites Multifunction tanks 3 transparent tanks Work capacities - 1.4 kg of cucumbers, carrots… - 1.4 kg of minced meat - 1.8 liters of velouté Power Professional motor guaranteed 20 years 1500 W Complete and clever, it is supplied with 2 boxes: Centrifuge & SmoothieMix and Potato masher, 1 storage box, 9 precision accessories (knives and discs made in Thiers) and 2 recipe books. Made in France New 2014 colors: BLACK and RED The Toaster Vision The first toaster with panoramic vision. Visual control for perfect toast Very simple to use: 1 button = 1 high-performance infrared quartz function Double-walled insulating doors with secure opening Crumb tray Drawer Extra high lift / Automatic bread ejection 8 degrees of browning Baguette, reheating and thawing function Grid all breads: extra large slit Stainless steel body, cast aluminum and glass Power 1450 W Dimensions: 22.5 x 39.5 x 18 cm Also available in pink, orange, blue, yellow, ivory, red, black The 1.8 l Kettle Thermo system A design and fast kettle for your hot drinks throughout the day. Capacity: 1.8 l High quality all stainless steel body Rapid boiling Water level visible and backlit Double insulating wall Automatic boiling stop Resistance protected from water contact Removable anti-lime filter Large opening 360 ° swivel base Power 2,400 W * on Thermo model for temperature conservation up to 70% longer than a traditional kettle. The M190Citiz Elegant, timeless, compact and ultra-design, the CitiZ meets all needs. Pump 19 bars Rapid preheating 25s Automatic dosing of the flow Ergonomic insertion of the capsule Energy saving: automatic stop Tank for collecting capsules Supplied with coffee capsules Tank 1 liter Power 1260 W Color black lacquered MAGIMIX Contact readers: www.magimix.com Consumer service France: 01 43 98 36 36


. Matt black grommet curtains Fabric: 100% Polyester "weave" type fabric, reference Bellini greige THEVENON //www.thevenon1908.com/ CURTAIN RODS Collection of curtain rods Créaforge Ø20mm //www.secodir-deco.com/tringle-a-rideaux-crealforge-d20.htm Ends of curtain rods Colonia black lacquered Adjustable supports of curtain rods Ø20x100mm black lacquered Curtain rods steel Ø20 black lacquer SECODIR DECO Curtain rods, creator and designer //www.secodir-deco.com/


. Mural AQUARYL SATIN : Unikalo brand paint, satin based on acrylic resins in aqueous phase, great whiteness, quick drying and high filling power. Ecolabel and Excell green zone certified. Colors produced for the show: Gitane, Souricette UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer //www.unikalo.com/ To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Tel. : Tables: 2-up outdoor vegetables VII 24 * 33 10818606039A Heirloom Variety IV 24 * 33 542487251A 2-Up Fresco Veggies XII 24*33 - 10818606039 2-Up Fresco Veggies II 24 * 33 - 522487251A ART.FR www.art.fr


. Champagne flute "Alex" (ref 22777) Soup plate collection "Paris" (ref 23490) Pair of coffee cup collection "Paris" (ref 23492) Pie dish "Charlotte" (ref 24215) Presentation plate collection "Constance" (ref 9129) Pasta plate "Constance" collection (ref 9115) Side Table www.cote-table.fr [email protected] 05 56 69 68 68 1 rue Edmond Besse - 33300 Bordeaux


. EMBELLIS melamine door block, Bardolino oak model. This model with oak decor horizontal lines will give a very warm and current style to your interior. It is recommended for use in interior doors and kitchen / garage separation doors. PREMDOR Find the Embellis doors in our Individual Housing brochure: //www.premdor-france.com/fr/catalogue/pdf/log-indiv-portint.pdf To find the list of our resellers located near you, request on : [email protected] Range of made-to-measure wooden windows Oscillo Opening thickness 80 mm: design, robustness Double or triple glazing with reinforced thermal insulation: heating gain, comfort Invisible hardware: easy to use Alpine larch wood species: "Naturally durable" wood: rot-proof, fungicide and insecticide High density 660 kg / m3 PEFC: ensuring resonant forest management Oiled finish: UV protection LUTHRINGER JOINERY Website: www.luthringer-menuiserie.com Contact: [email protected] White wood venetian blind 50mm OVERSTORES 359, Chemin de Pernet ZA du Loup 38080 ST MARCEL BEL ACCUEIL T: F: Email: [email protected]


. Ceiling Painting AQUARYL MAT : Unikalo brand paint, mat appearance based on acrylic resin in aqueous phase. This paint is intended for interior for the decoration of the usual supports of the building. Ecolabel certified. UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer //www.unikalo.com/ To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Tel. :


. Metal dome pendant lamp. LITTLE DOCK Dimensions: H21.5 / D31cm Color: matt black / concrete effect interior Also available in anthracite / white interior Patinated wood wall lamp. White lacquered metal interior shade. FABRIK Dimensions: H30 / D15.5 / D20.5cm Color: natural COREP company creator and manufacturer of lampshades and decorative lighting. Manufacturer of French lampshades in Bègles near Bordeaux (33) You can find our products in most DIY stores. More information on www.corep.com Decorative lamp 32 cm Black TATI www.tati.fr Facebook: //www.facebook.com/Tati Twitter: //twitter.com/TatiOfficiel Pinterest: //www.pinterest.com/source/tati.fr/ CAMERA Adjustable Floor Lamp Black The most artist among you will love this design floor lamp with the air of a camera! Available in several colors, this floor lamp has an adjustable system, to illuminate the precise place you want. This design floor lamp will make the difference in your decor! ATYLIA.COM www.atylia.com


. 137050 Numbered jars. 13 x 13 x H. 21.5 cm FAMILY COUNTER Comptoir de Famille website: //boutique.comptoir-de-famille.com/ Porcelain soap dispenser with squares (ref 96065) Rectangular porcelain soap dispenser with sponge (ref 94577) Porcelain sponge holder (ref 96059 ) SEMA Design www.semadesign-deco.fr [email protected] 05 34 60 86 68 19 chemin de la Garonne - 31200 Toulouse AmericanKick Pedal Bin 50 liters 5 year warranty Body and top in stainless steel or treated sheet steel solid valve in stainless steel Tightening ring in integrated rubber Large rubber base to prevent tipping and scratches on the ground Galvanized inner bucket 50 liters with metal handle Dimensions: 87 cm x 35 cm in diameter Weight: 9.2 kg HAILO Visible on the Hailo France site: //www.hailo.de/index.php?lang=fr Hailo France Rue du Servon 86300 La Chapelle Viviers Small shortbread Ref: EWE500054 Strawberries 5.3 cm Ref: VMT500002 Bocal cotonnier GM Ref: KFA730004 Straight jar D20 H22 cm Ref: LGV730010 Straight jar D16 H36 cm Ref: LGV730011 Flask Oil and Vinegar streak Ref: LVH721001 Red mini apple Ref: HAY500013 Red pepper Ref: FRB500004 COMING B //www.comingb.fr/ Facebook: //fr-fr.facebook.com/pages/ComingB/119234051423544 Instagram: //instagram.com/comingb_deco Bougies PARTYLITE Leader in home sales of scented candles and decorative accessories www.partylite.fr Facebook: //www.facebook.com/PARTYLITEFRANCE?sk=wall&filter=3 Twitter: //twitter.com/PartyLiteFr Youtube: // www.youtube.com/user/PARTYLITEFRANCE Stainless steel salad bowl D 23.5 x H 10 cm Brushed stainless steel Edges serving as a handle Stainless steel induction casserole and lid 24 cm induction casserole dish and lid Non-stick interior lining of superior quality, multi-layer Natural stone effect Ideal for healthy and fat-free cooking 2 removable silicone handle covers Special induction base, perfect heat diffusion Transparent glass cover Orifice on the cover leaving steam evacuated All fires including induction Dishwasher compatible Dimensions: Diameter 24 cm Stainless steel storage box Round shape Lid with handle Dimensions: D 14 x H 18 cm Stainless steel sugar box Round shape Lid with handle Inscription of the contents on the pot Dimensions: D 14 x H 18 cm Stainless steel cookie tin In brushed stainless steel Oval shape Lid with handle Writing of the contents on the pot Dimensions: 19.5 x 13 x H 17.5 cm TATI www.tati.fr Facebook: //www.facebook.com/Tati Twitter: //twitter.com/TatiOfficiel Pinterest: //www.pinterest.com/source/tati.fr/


. Sound insulation, thermal insulation, water or fire resistance, indoor air purification ... the range Placo® offers a solution for every room in the house. Recommended for bedrooms and living room, the plate Placo® Phonic , blue in color, divides the noise by two from one room to another. In children's rooms Placo® Activ'Air® , white plate, purifies indoor air by permanently eliminating up to 80% of the main pollutants (Volatile Organic Compounds, family of aldehydes). In damp or unheated rooms, the plate Placomarine® , green in color, resistant to humidity. Finally, for cooking, the pink plate Placoflam® protects against fire risk. Find your solution Placo® for each room in the house on www.toutplaco.com


. Wall insulation ROCKPLUS KRAFT Rockplus kraft is a rigid mono-density stone wool insulation panel covered with a polyethylene kraft vapor barrier Its main application is the insulation of walls from the inside, partitions on frameworks or masonry partitions. This product is certified ACERMI n ° 02/015/043. Most : it has the best thermal performance available in thicknesses from 40 to 200 mm. Its lambda is 33mW / m.K and its density of 70kg / m3 Benefits : Excellent thermal performance which guarantees comfort in winter and summer. Excellent acoustic performance. The panels are rigid and therefore do not settle over time. This product, very easy to use, can also be installed in fitted roof spaces. Rock wool is a healthy material, made from basalt. It is ecological and infinitely recyclable. Rockwool All Rockwool products are available in DIY stores and professional building brands. Find all the information on the product and its implementation on www.rockwool.fr Our contact details: ROCKWOOL - 111 rue du château des Rentiers - 75013 Paris. Tel: 01 40 77 82 82 - Fax: 01 45 86 80 75 www.rockwool.fr