Find the ideal location for your garden arbor

Find the ideal location for your garden arbor

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Having an arbor in your garden means having a small demarcated and customizable space dedicated to relaxation and taking meals. The arbor is a dining area, the decor of which is up to you. Thanks to it, you benefit from a shaded space in the heart of your exterior, a real little haven of peace. How to choose the ideal location for an arbor to take full advantage of it? The editorial staff responds and advises you.

A space of sufficient size

To enhance your arbor, plan a space large enough to mount it but also to circulate around it. The location must be proportional to the size of the arbor, whether in height or area. Good to know : The location of the arbor must be determined before its purchase. Depending on the location chosen, you may turn to a folding arbor, a wooden arbor, a free-standing arbor or a back-to-back arbor.

A sunny place

One of the great roles of the arbor is to protect from the sun. That is why it is more useful to find him a sunny place. The shaded areas of the garden can thus be used for something else such as placing outdoor games for children or plants that prefer shade to sunny areas.

A space without branch

To prevent it from being damaged, the arbor must be mounted at a sufficient distance from any branches that adorn the garden. In case of wind, these branches can indeed damage the arbor. If necessary, prune your trees and watch the regrowth so as not to have unpleasant surprises.

A flat location

Depending on the model chosen, find a place that is relatively even perfectly flat. Indeed, wooden arbors or, generally, hard, must be on a flat surface so as not to deteriorate over time or because of climatic vagaries. Folding canvas gazebos are less demanding. They support slightly uneven ground or a gentle slope. A good fixing of the structure will then be essential.

A place protected from the wind

Arbors should be placed in a sheltered location. Folding arbors are more fragile. The canvas that composes them offers a significant wind resistance which can cause severe damage in the event of a storm. Hard arbors can support more exposed space. Vigilance remains essential if you live in a windy region.

A space that appeals to you

Of course, the main thing is that you take advantage of your arbor. Whether you want to place it on the terrace or in the heart of the garden, in the shade or in the sun, if the location pleases you, you will learn how to manage possible contingencies.


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