Stone to wall for country style

Stone to wall for country style

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Nostalgic for the interiors of yesteryear? Reconnect with country-style decoration thanks to the interior stone walls. A raw atmosphere, symbol of the sweetness of life, and which puts natural materials in the spotlight. The stone on the wall helps to create a warm universe. It blends perfectly with the floor tiles, the rusticity of an old-fashioned fireplace as well as the aged tiles, in all the rooms without exception.
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Reconstituted stone to decorate interior walls

Like wallpaper, fabric or paint, reconstituted stone is a wall facing that can be used inside and outside the home. It perfectly imitates noble materials such as brick, slate and even marble. The reconstituted stone with a mineral base, of a relatively thin thickness since it is around two centimeters, is a mineral product capable of defying time. We appreciate its solidity, its aesthetic appearance, the absence of chemical components, as well as its very affordable price (on average 50 € / M²). In addition, it can be placed on a good number of substrates such as concrete, plaster, tiles or paneling. That is to say if the reconstituted stone makes it possible to easily restore a somewhat kitsch interior to which one wishes to give a soul. To be placed on a single wall section or on all the walls of the room for a total look, it is the ideal wall covering to create a country style.

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Brick plates

Ideal for all those who wish to combine authenticity with modernity, the brick plates nicely decorate the interior walls. In terms of decoration, there is no doubt that this type of coating offers great possibilities: taupe, red, gray, white, orange and many other tones can create a personalized atmosphere. Brick is a natural stone capable of responding to all fantasies: plain wall or patchwork of colors, it evokes the old hamlets that punctuate our countryside while defying time.
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Natural stone, affordable luxury

Evocative of rocky paths and rural landscapes, natural stone finds its place in many places other than the terrace! It integrates perfectly with the interior decoration of country style, but also contemporary and allows beautiful staging. Pink marble, white marble, black marble, slate, are among the products in vogue. Robust, noble, natural stone is magnified over time. Directly extracted from quarries, it presents no risk of toxicity since it is completely devoid of chemical components. It is capable of satisfying all tastes: in fact, nature offers us a multitude of natural stones of extremely varied textures and nuances. Another advantage and not the least: natural stone is a financially affordable luxury. Some natural stones are no more expensive than tiling. On the wall, on the floor, on the stairs, in the shower, on the kitchen worktops: she is the star of interior design, standing out as evidence to assert the country style.
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