Auctioneer: the best auction addresses

Auctioneer: the best auction addresses

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Today's auctions are a common way of offering yourself a good, be it professional equipment, a work of art or real estate, among others. They allow easy movement of goods, especially since it is now possible to bid via the Internet. To be informed without losing time of auction calendars according to the type of lot sought, you might as well know the best auction addresses.

Find out about possible vacations

Every day there are auctions called vacations. To stay informed, you can consult the specialized press, whether in capital goods or unusual objects. Sales catalogs, dedicated online sites published by auction houses, Gazette Drouot are all serious sources. They are also more and more numerous to provide a global and perfectly documented information on the objects put on sale. The internet user wishing to acquire a property sold at auction is thus better able to compare lots and prepare their auctions.

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Search for auctions by keyword on

To search all over France for an auction address for specific objects without wasting time, the ideal is to use a very popular tool: the Internet. It is the fastest search method taking into account personalized selection criteria. You can target a geographic location close to your home, find a particular creator or author, a specific lot such as old books, manuscripts, art objects, period toys, Haute Couture items, etc. By connecting to the site, it is impossible to miss the coveted auction since you can subscribe to alerts for free, create your own selection, subscribe to the newsletter. A sales calendar is published for each theme.

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Consult the Drouot gazette, the art market bible

The gazette of the Hôtel Drouot, created in 1891, today called gazette Drouot, specializes in public auctions which take place in Ile-de-France, in the provinces and more broadly in all countries. of the world. His specialty is the Art market. In addition to its paper version sold every Friday in newsstands, the Drouot Gazette also has its electronic version available on the Internet. A veritable bible of the art market, the Drouot gazette lists the dedicated auctions, more generally informs art lovers with incomparable rigor, publishes the ratings, reports on the results of the sales, distributes photographs of objects of art of exceptional quality.

Capital goods auction

Capital goods and industrial goods sold at public auction also have their specialist who is none other than the Sales Monitor. Both weekly paper and website available at, this specialist in targeted auctions is aimed at individuals and professionals who may be interested in covering, catering, bakery, hotels, a utility vehicle, horticultural equipment or even a forklift for example.

Real estate and furniture auctions

The site is the leader in the inventory of real estate and furniture auctions taking place in France. It allows interested people not only to read the legal announcements made by notaries, administrators, auctioneers and other sales professionals, but also to compare goods and find the opportunity of the moment to acquire a property at right price.
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