Tutorial kids: a recovered jellyfish

Tutorial kids: a recovered jellyfish

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Maeva is a graphic designer and illustrator, and makes adorable decorations with origami. She shares her sweet and poetic universe on her blog and online store MaevArt. Today, we find it for a DIY that children will love, a jellyfish to make from a plastic bottle.


You will need: - 1 bottle of your choice (plastic) - paper (silk, crepe, or any other paper…) - scotch tape - scissors


1. Cut the bottle in half. Each part will be the head (and body) of one of the jellyfish. 2. Cut strips of crepe paper for the tentacles.
3. Gather the strips of paper into small groups and stick them inside the jellyfish with scotch tape.
4. Cut sticker paper (or simple paper and tape) to draw eyes and a mouth. If you have Posca markers, you can also draw directly on the bottle.


And There you go ! Two small plastic jellyfish and a nice tutorial to make with your children to make them dream and give them a taste for DIY! To continue the adventure with your little jellyfish, why not offer them a roof by building a cardboard house for them (and your children)!

Thanks to Maeva for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your little jellyfish on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!