What colors to associate with a flea market style?

What colors to associate with a flea market style?

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The flea market style involves a mixture of objects and furniture from a past era. A variation of genres with crazy charm, nothing nostalgic. But let there be no mistake: the heterogeneous character to say the least flea market does not mean that we should give way to the cacophony of colors. It is by choosing the appropriate tones that the enhancement of antiques will be successful.

Sober walls and floors to enhance the flea market style

Decorative objects straight out of garage sales have the distinction of telling a story. We therefore focus on consistency by avoiding losing sight. Better that walls and floors display a certain sobriety, both in terms of color and materials. In other words, they must be forgotten. We can opt for gray, white, blue or - warmer - brown tones, and prefer raw or limed wood, tomette, even vinyl.
Structured or patterned coverings are to be reserved for another atmosphere because walls that are too present could indeed add to the decor.

Flea market style and bright colors

Of course, bright colors also find their place in a flea market atmosphere because they bring warmth and good humor. It is entirely possible to opt for a single section of orange, eggplant or red wall. We can also prefer to keep wise walls, and bring in a few touches of bright colors by choosing curtains and a carpet to match old custom furniture. Shade is a good solution for creating harmonies of happy colors. If the idea is to repaint flea market furniture in a bright color, it may be welcome to create a kind of echo by placing the same color on the doors, window frames and baseboards.

Garage sale atmosphere on a nature background

Nature invites itself into our interiors, and blends happily with all trends. The flea market style is no exception to the rule. To create a slightly bucolic garage sale atmosphere, you can opt for a synthetic grass rug and a green wall. A perfect theme to highlight old objects and old furniture in wrought iron for example while declining green without limit. A few touches of yellow, orange or red will be of the best effect without damaging the harmony.

Flea market style in an urban chic universe

The mixture of styles allows to express a desire for originality. For a bold decor, you can integrate the flea market style into an urban chic interior. Staircase, railings, credenza are adorned with very trendy tones such as black, white, zinc gray, aged metal, and bronze. An interior with rhythm of antique furniture and objects in bright colors or aged appearance.