Unidentified Decorative Object # 1

Unidentified Decorative Object # 1

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A good old pola like when you were little? Hmm ... Not sure ... Let's take a closer look to discover our first Unidentified Decorative Object - better known as O.D.N.I. But what good can this object do? A hint: this is the kind of object that we use every day, usually alone in a small room in the house ... This "pola" - let's call it by its small name: Polaroll - will allow you to get something instantly. This is the principle of the Polaroid you say. Except that in this case it is not so many photos that will come out of this Polaroll…
… But rather toilet paper! This - fairly - faithful reproduction of the famous Polaroid 1000 is therefore a toilet paper dispenser. This is a blow from the young Barcelona brand DOIY, a great lover of playful design, who with this object causes a retro wind to blow in your toilet. On the scale of cool, we will say that the Polaroll is placed up there. You like ?


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