A facelift to my seaside decor for less than 210 euros

A facelift to my seaside decor for less than 210 euros

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The seaside style for many years has taken decoration on a journey. This season, it evolves and moves away from the Breton coast to take the course towards Greece and more precisely the Cyclades. Between the turquoise blue of the sea, the sandy sands of the beaches and the whiteness of the lime of the seafront façades, discover how to give your favorite decor style a facelift.

Completely repaint his room in white: 20 euros

Good news, it's the cheapest color on the market! So use your brushes and repaint your walls and ceiling in white. And why not one or two aging pieces of furniture in passing!

Photo credit: Ikea

Punctuate with turquoise blue cushions: 9 euros

Take inspiration from the turquoise water of the Greek islands to bring a maritime air into your interior that makes it look good. For that, it is very simple it is enough to adopt a multitude of blue cushions of the color of the southern seas and to arrange them in very strategic places like the sofa the bed or the armchairs.

Photo credit: La Redoute

Invest in garden furniture: 149 euros

Garden furniture is today as surprising and decorative as that of the living room. So why not bring them inside. Rattan, wicker, braiding make your room breathe fresh air and change your decor. Last significant advantage, the garden furniture is designed to face the most capricious weather, they are resistant and easy to maintain!

Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

A beige sand carpet: 29.90 euros

Take inspiration from nature and after recalling the blue of the sea, evoke the warmth of the sand by placing a carpet on the ground in beige tones. Harmonizing wonderfully with turquoise blue and white, it softens the hues that come into contact with it.

Photo credit: Maisons du Monde