Tutorial: making a house-shaped shelf

Tutorial: making a house-shaped shelf

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"Do you like what is good and beautiful? Then the blog Nem graphics will please you! Recipes, DIY, photos, so many creations and inspirations compiled by Emilie, graphic designer full of talent. Today, we find her for a Recuperative wooden house shelf tutorial, right on trend. "


You will need: - Wood planks - A saw (circular is faster) - A screwdriver - Wood screws - Wood glue (optional, but recommended)


For the frame: 1.Pre-tighten the screws at both ends
2. Put a little wood glue and present the board which will be one of the sides of the house, then screw
3. do the same on the other side to get a U
4. For the roof, the two parts are assembled in the same way.
5. To make a junction between the body and the roof: adjust the angle of the circular saw to bevel
6. Glue and screw the two parts together.
For the background: 7. Align several boards and trace the outline of the house.
8. Cut each board following the layout
9. Screw the boards to the back of the frame (no need for glue this time).


To obtain the same rendering as in the photo: No sanding at the start, put a black background, a white layer, then roughly sand to reveal the wood and the layer below, to give an effect of old worn paint .
A little masking tape, string, cardboard and posca, photo frames, plants ... and that's the result!


A superb DIY house to decorate the interior of your house and which you can customize as you wish!
Thanks to Emilie for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your custom shelves on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!