Can I clean my pavers with a high pressure cleaner?

Can I clean my pavers with a high pressure cleaner?

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Answer: yes, but on an ad hoc basis for pavers placed on mortar with limited pressure.

The cleaning of the pavers must remain gentle and respectful, so the use of a high pressure cleaner is not frankly recommended. Particularly for pavers placed on sand, where it is even to be banished, that goes without saying! For pavers laid on mortar, on the other hand, occasional use is acceptable, provided that the pressure does not exceed 70 bar so as not to damage the joints. In all cases, cleaning by hand is the most adequate, even if it takes longer and is tiring of course. Preferably use a stiff brush for the pavers and a soft brush for the joints. Use a simple squeegee to expel the water, similarly using a mild detergent or a dedicated product compatible with the paver.