Superfront changes the look of your Ikéa furniture

Superfront changes the look of your Ikéa furniture

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Customize your Ikea furniture? We knew great Ikea Hacks for the most manual, we knew Bemz and its design covers or Pretty Pegs and its fancy feet ... Here is Superfront which will help you pimp your Ikea furniture in style!

Superfront or how to customize your Ikea furniture

We are not going to lie: let the one who does not have any Ikea furniture at home raise his hand! That's what we thought: everyone has Ikea furniture. We like the democratic and functional design of Ikea, we don't like the impression of having the same furniture as everyone else. Fortunately, Superfront is here! This Swedish company - and yes, like Ikea! - proposes to adapt to the flagship collections of Ikea (Px, Metod, Faktum and Besta) elegant, stylish fronts, handles and feet. Or how to get rid of standardization!

For the kitchen, fronts with graphic crosses and golden handles

And what do we do with Superfront?

With Superfront, we therefore customize our Ikea dressings, our kitchens, our bathroom furniture and even our living room storage. We add designer feet to slender a piece of furniture, graphic fronts to put your eyes full and elegant handles because details are essential in decoration! On our side, we definitely fall for the copper handles and the "Big Fish" facades in green water.

For the bathroom, you can't choose between blue or green Superfront facades.


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