Rice cookers

Rice cookers

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Whether you call it a rice cooker, a rice paddle, a steamer or simply a rice cooker, this electrical appliance remains very little present in our kitchens. If it cooks rice to perfection, it also allows you to approach cooking in a new way, lighter and healthier. So, tempted? The editorial staff offers a selection of rice cookers for all budgets and tastes.

What capacity for my rice cooker?

The choice of your rice-cooker will depend on the use you make of it. Will you use it daily? For how many guests? The capacity is a fundamental criterion to choose your device. A 1.5 liter cooker is well suited for a family. A single person or an occasional user will prefer a smaller capacity (about 1 liter). The Tristar cooker is available in 3 capacities (ranging from 1 to 2.5 liters) and can be adapted to your needs.

Ease of maintenance: an essential criterion

The new rice cookers are easy to maintain. A word of advice: choose a model whose elements are removable, in particular the tank, and which can easily be washed in the dishwasher. This is the case with the Tefal rice cooker, but most of them are removable. Remember to check.

Little extras that make the difference

Some devices offer very useful functions, such as the delayed start of Seb's Rice and Co or the keep warm function. Moderate rice lovers will opt for a rice cooker with a steamer basket or a multi-function robot, like the Philips Viva, to cook vegetables and fish in the healthiest way.
1. Techwood 2.5L rice cooker € 30.75 at Amazon / 2. Brandt's Sushi Party € 59 at Darty / 3. Moulinex Incio rice cooker € 34.90 at Auchan / 4. Seb's Rice and Co € 69 at Darty / 5. Multifunction Robot Philips Viva € 136.80 at Boulanger / 6. Osaka by Klarstein € 39.99 at Amazon / 7. Tristar rice cooker € 29.99 at La Redoute / 8. Tefal Classic rice cooker 39 , 90 € at Darty's


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