Mistakes to Avoid in a Small Entrance

Mistakes to Avoid in a Small Entrance

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Much more than a simple passageway, the entrance is a room in its own right. It is also the first that we discover when passing through the door. Also a welcoming place, it is the one that sets the tone for your decor, so you must not neglect it, on the contrary! Especially if you have a small entrance, there are some mistakes to avoid. And not to commit an odd in this space and arrange it as it should, discover the advice of the editorial staff.

Mistake # 1: Choosing unsuitable colors

Attention, before moving on to the layout of the room, strictly speaking, you must pay particular attention to the choice of colors that will decorate the walls of your small entrance. One goal: to enlarge the space. You may not know it, but it is possible to visually transform the space through colors. Well yes, these have a strong impact on volumes. Like the blue color, a color that soothes and refreshes, and above all, that allows to enlarge the space. And if you are not a fan of blue, make a double hit by opting for a bright white, on the walls and on the ceiling, this color will make the room bright while enlarging it.
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Mistake 2: Overloading the space

What is the number 1 rule to respect, regardless of the small area? Optimize the space of course! And because an entrance cluttered with a pile of odds and ends can quickly be overlooked, we make room for the whole family to participate: everyone puts their shoes on when they come in, hangs their coat… So many simple instructions that will do all the difference.

Mistake # 3: Choosing bulky furniture

Always to optimize the space and enlarge your small entrance, prefer space-saving and shallow furniture. Forget the bulky wardrobe, and place a small console very fine and very decorative.
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Mistake # 4: Forget the mirror

To create an impression of volume, and give depth to your small entrance, what could be better than a pretty mirror? We opt for a full-foot model, just to be able to take a last look at your outfit before leaving. And hop, your entry is transformed!
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Mistake # 5: Leaving the walls

In a small space in general, and in a small entrance in particular, the most commonly noted error is as follows: the walls are neglected. However, this is the largest area you have, so take advantage of it! Do not hesitate to install coat hooks, small hooks, pretty shelves ... And always favor the multifunctional side, with a shelf, which also serves as a coat rack for example.
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